Mkokeli advisory is public affairs entity based in Johannesburg. Our mission is to help businesses, governments, civic society, and the citizenry improve engagement towards a better South Africa. We deliver our mission through research, debate, and thought leadership. We provide credible information to various entities, including the media and investors. We help businesses better understanding the political and investment terrains by providing highly dependable and informed analysis of the political economy. We unpack policy issues and flag both investment risks and opportunities.

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Analysts have dedicated watching briefs on: tracking behavioural economics and trends, politica party developments, intersecting policy matrix including upcoming changes to the policy environment, international events impacting on South African business interests, Data analytics using software ie Knime/other Private/confidential/tailored briefings and reports.

Strategy and scenario planning
We help clients with stakeholder mapping, engagement and development.
Tailored research
We help businesses better understand political uncertainty or volatility through tailored research products.
Political risk analysis
Our vastly experienced and informed political risk analysts keep their finger on the pulse to keep clients prepared.
Political and policy developments
We help company leaders better make sense of political and policy developments before they happen, so that could be incorporated into business and investment plans.


Sam Mkokeli

Sam Mkokeli

Sam Mkokeli is a highly regarded, well-informed journalist and political commentator. He has more than two decades of experience as a journalist, editor, media leader and public intellectual.

Puseletso Sauli

Puseletso Sauli

A legal, trade and international relations professional, with experience working in civil society and corporate.

Richard Humpies

Richard Humphries

Richard Humphries is a seasoned aggregator of African trade and development news, policy commentaries

Arina muresan

Arina Muresant

Analyst in foreign policy, zoning in on trade, economic and commercial diplomacy

MFobe Ntintelo

Mfobe Ntintelo

Business Developer Manager/ Client liaison.

Matlala Setlhalogile

Matlala Setlhalogile

Foreign policy specialist and political analyst on democracy, governance and public policy.


Sanusha Naidu

MA Politics (Cum Laude), University of Johannesburg PhD Candidate - Wits University Consultant - Researcher - Political Risk Analyst Associate: Tutwa Consulting Group SMME Policy Expert: EDSE Director: Ketapele Innovative Solutions

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